Broner Claims He Is The Biggest Name in Boxing

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner has had some outside the rings problems as of late, but recently recorded an impressive win inside the ropes against the UK’s Ashley Theophane.

Floyd Mayweather’s return to the sport has been heavily rumored recently and his former friend Adrien Broner welcomes the prospect of a match-up with his former “big bro”, as he used to refer to fondly refer to him.

Speaking to ES News at the weekend, Broner also went so far as to say:

“I’m not touting my own horn but I’m the biggest name in boxing right now.”

Some fans might have a thing or two to say about that rather unusual statement, but nonetheless, Broner is certainly a still very talented operator despite his outside the ring turmoil in recent timesbut seems to be wasting his talent at the moment.

Time will tell if he can get back up to genuine world championship level.

A fight between Broner and Mayweather would most definitely be a massive draw, given their extroverted personalities and past history of been close friends.

Whether or not it will happen though, is another thing.

Broner fighting Floyd at 147lbs would put him at a disadvantage size-wise and one would have to heavily favor Mayweather in such a bout.

For the full interview, check it out here via Elie Seckbach:

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