Broner Heading To Jail

Adrien Broner Indicted On Multiple Charges

Published On April 15, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

After a horrendous couple of weeks for boxer Adrien Broner outside the ring, the professional fighter was officially indicted on charges of assault and robbery on Thursday.


The charges have come about from a lawsuit filed by a man who alleges that Broner branded a gun towards him during an altercation that unfolded after a gambling dispute outside a bowling facility in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

It is alleged by the complainant that Broner lost a significant amount of money to the man in their gambling exchange, however he alleges that Broner chose to wait outside the bowling alley and assault and steal from him.

Broner earlier this week was jailed for 10 days in a separate incident relating to violating a probation in a reckless driving case.

Regarding the case pertaining to the incident outside the bowling alley, Broner has now been indicted on one aggravated robbery charged which is a first degree felony, along with been indicted on two other secondary degree felonies – for felonious assault and robbery.

Adrien Broner often referred to as ‘The Problem’ in the boxing ring, was last active only a couple of weeks ago when he stopped Englishman Ashley Theophane inside the distance in Washington, DC.

It is unclear due to Broner’s ongoing legal problems when or if he will return to the professional boxing ring in the near future.

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