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Mayweather Promotions Files For ‘TMT 50’ and ‘TBE 50’ Trademarks

For those who doubted Floyd Mayweather would be making a comeback to the boxing ring, they have had their hopes dashed it appears, as his company filed for two trademarks that would suggest their head proprietor will indeed look to pursue a 50th fight and go for 50-0.

Mayweather was out and about this past weekend at Showtime’s boxing event which featured super-middleweight champion James DeGale, who came through a tougher than expected test against Porky Medina.

During the event, Showtime caught up with Mayweather who was in attendance. He gave strong indications that he’s looking to make a return to the squared circle.

His company Mayweather Promotions has been very active in recent years with acquiring different boxers to their stable, and is now looking to branch out to the UK in association with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom Sport’s stable of fighters.

It is expected later this year that both stable’s American and British fighting talent will be pitted against one another in a type of USA vs UK themed series of promotions.

However, Mayweather doesn’t seem quite done yet himself in the ring either, as he had previously said he was, following his last fight (to date) against Andre Berto.

On the same night Berto beat Victor Ortiz this past weekend, Mayweather revealed he has been talking to Showtime and CBS about a potential return and that a minimum figure of $100 million dollars is being looked at as the minimum guaranteed amount that he will return for.

It also emerged that his company Mayweather Promotions had filed for trademarks ‘TMT 50’ and ‘TBE 50’ which is a strong indication to what a potential 50th fight for Mayweather might be billed and promoted as.

The question is, who will it be against?

Danny Garcia has been strongly mentioned as a possible opponent in recent times but I’m not sure Garcia is a big enough name for what will inevitably be such a grand promotion, given the fact the fight would represent an opportunity for Mayweather to reach that all elusive 50-0 record – and break the great Rocky Marciano’s record which he is currently in a tie with (49-0).

Given the fact it’s May now, I’m not sure would there be enough time to turn around such a big promotion for September, but time will tell if it’s this year the ‘Money’ man will return.

I would have thought it will be next year before we see him back, but one thing’s for sure, we will see him back in the ring at some stage.

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