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Tyson Fury Sends Anthony Joshua Ominous Message

by Niall Doran


The rivalry between Tyson Fury and Anthony Joshua is brewing nicely and as ever, Tyson is keen to stoke the flames on Twitter with his fellow UK heavyweight rival.

Love him or hate him, Fury is a man who certainly likes to speak his mind. Never one to mince his words in the public eye.

He’s become almost as well known for his elaborate Twitter trolling as he has for his outstanding boxing skills in recent years and with Anthony Joshua labeling him “fat boy” on Twitter recently, it seems Fury is keen the banter and war of words going:

The above picture has perhaps accelerated the war of words up a level or two, certainly from their initial “body builder” and “fat boy” insults previously leveled at one another.

Newly crowned IBF champion Johsua will next fight on June 25th in London, while the lineal champion Fury will compete again with Wladimir Klitschko on July 9th in Manchester.

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