Adrien Broner Released From Prison

Adrien ‘The Problem’ Broner recently ran into some problems outside of the ring that landed him a stint in jail.

Welterweight boxer Broner is coming off the back of a fairly impressive win in the ring against Ashley Theophane not too long ago, but quickly after his victory he was sentenced to serve 10 days in jail for breaking a previous probation violation that originated from a drunk driving offence last year.

However, TMZ have reported that Broner is now a free man as of today.

It is not known if Broner will have to face further jail time later this year however, as relating to separate legal troubles originating from an incident outside a bowling alley – nor is it known at this time when or if he will return to the professional boxing ring pending his legal outcomes.

Broner released the following post on his Instagram account a short time ago following his release:

Adrien Broner Released From Prison

Here are some highlights of Broner’s last performance in the ring via Spike TV’s YouTube channel:

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