Lucas Browne Passes Lie Detector Test

Hatton Promotions has confirmed that on 15 April 2016 Lucas Browne undertook an independent polygraph test. This is a test often referred to and commonly known as a “lie detector” test.


They have confirmed that Lucas unequivocally passed the test. He did not knowingly or intentionally place banned substances including the drug clenbuterol into his system ahead of his world title victory against Ruslan Chagaev.

Lucas stated:

“I am pleased that the polygraph test confirmed that I am telling the truth. The result is not a surprise to me as I have always said I am a clean athlete, I know I arrived in Grozny a clean athlete and I know I did nothing wrong when I was there.”

He added:

“It should never be forgotten that I requested the VADA testing for the fight. Whilst the result is not a surprise to me, I consider this test another step towards proving my innocence. I remain grateful for the ongoing support of the public, my manager and my promoter. Together we are fighting this injustice”.

The result of the polygraph test also came as no surprise to four-time world champion Ricky Hatton, who has served as Browne’s promoter for the past four years. Hatton said:

“I have been saying since it happened I am 100 per cent behind Lucas. The whole thing just doesn’t stack up. The results of the lie detector test don’t surprise me at all. Lucas knows he didn’t do it, I know he didn’t do it and now we have a test conducted by experts that confirms he is telling the truth.”

He concluded:

“We will keep going and do all that we can do to prove his innocence. Matters are in the hands of the lawyers and the WBA. I and the whole of boxing hope they do the right thing by Lucas. Boxing needs that to happen to maintain its credibility. The public is behind Lucas because they know the truth as well.”

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