Hagler vs Hearns Full Fight Video

Watch: 31 Years Since The Greatest 8 Minutes of Boxing – Hagler vs Hearns Full Fight Video

Published On April 15, 2016 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News, Boxing Views and Opinion

Where does the time go, eh? This time back in April 1985 – all hell broke loose in a boxing ring.


The night in question will always to go down as one of the best in boxing history, an evening of brutal fustigation personified by subhuman will, might and bravery.

Marvin Hagler and Thomas Hearns’ toe to toe street brawl esque classic will always be the best fight of all time for many fans, for the sheer ferocity and almost beautiful violence of it.

Two world renowned fighters at the time, at the very top of their games who just decided to go at it right from the sounding of the first bell, until one man could simply not go anymore.

Relentless back and forth exchanges, drama galore. A pugilistic war in every aspect of the term. Two men with inner warrior characteristics that came to the surface in an almost maniacal battle, perhaps the likes of which may never be seen again.

Enough of our guff, enjoy (hat tip to the Legendary Champions YouTube account for the upload):

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