Stuart Hall Eyes Haskins Revenge After Guerrero

Stuart Hall is now just one big step away from a World title rematch.


Stuart Hall is putting it all on the line in his final eliminator for the IBF Bantamweight title against as he takes on Rodrigo Guerrero at the First Direct Arena in Leeds on Saturday night and a win can get him closer to regaining his World title and sweet revenge over Lee Haskins.

Haskins defends Hall’s old strap on May 14 in Cardiff, and Hall is hunting a win in Leeds to line-up a rematch with the Bristol man who defeated him in 2012 for the European title – revenge is on Hall’s mind and he believes he’d silence the 32 year old if they met. Hall said:

“I want to win because I want to fight Lee. If he comes through his fight we will have an all-British showdown and I will get my title back and I will be beating somebody who has beaten me before and he is really mouthy.”

He added:

“In my last few fights I have been classed as the home fighter, but l think I got stitched up against Paul Butler – I wasn’t the home fighter even though it was in Newcastle. I wasn’t the home fighter in Monte Carlo when I fought Randy Caballero; that was a close fight. I am the home fighter and I think that is going to give me the edge. He is coming over here from Mexico and I have more pros than cons to win this fight.”

He concluded:

“I gave Lee time and I didn’t do anything in our fight. I was a baby in boxing terms back then. I am a man now and I will give him no space at all. But I can’t talk about Lee Haskins really because I have Guerrero in front of me. Beat Guerrero and we can have a big conversation about Lee Haskins. He won’t be going ten rounds, he won’t even be going eight rounds with me next time. I need to win on Saturday then go in there and bully Haskins all over the ring.”

(Image via Matchroom Sport)

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