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Tyson Fury: Eddie Hearn Is A P***y, A Daddy’s Boy, A Little Idiot

Tyson Fury will next face Wladimir Klitschko in a rematch on July 9th at the Manchester Arena, but he is still fighting to gain respect from some quarters of mainstream media.


After watching yesterday’s coverage of the press conference announcing the Klitschko rematch this summer, it was clear that Tyson and his father John felt less than impressed with questions from the media regarding Anthony Joshua.

They have a point in my view, as when you compare the amount of coverage Anthony Joshua has received since his win of the IBF heavyweight title (a belt stripped from Fury last year) and the coverage of what Fury received when he beat the real, linear heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, it is almost night and day in some media quarters.

That’s not to take anything away from Joshua’s win last weekend, it was stellar, but Fury is the number one heavyweight in the world and that fact should not be lost upon anyone.

Speaking on Anthony Joshua’s IBF heavyweight title win last weekend, Tyson Fury said:

“I thought he looked like a pumped up weightlifter out of his mind on drugs. That’s what I thought he looked like. He fought an American that came to lay down who had about as much fight in him as that glass of water there, zero. All these Americans are bums, bum cities – can’t fight.”

When asked about where would he place Charles Martin in terms of heavyweight champions Fury said he wouldn’t place him anywhere, and spoke candidly in particular on what he thought of the overall show’s promoter – Eddie Hearn:

“If anybody out there wants to fight lets get it on, simple. He might be brainwashed by some p**** like Eddie Hearn, who can’t be ten per cent of the man I am. I’d take the back of my hand to Eddie Hearn, slap, he wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.”

Speaking on promoter Eddie Hearn, Fury concluded:

“If someone like that can convince anybody that somebody is a king or somebody is a great fighter then they are just idiots aren’t they, cus he’s a nobody him, he’s a daddy’s boy, a little idiot. He’s had a lot to say but in real life he wouldn’t say that cus he’d get slapped up the ear and he couldn’t do nothing about it.”

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