Dillian Whyte: Dereck Chisora Is Like A Bus

The always honest and entertaining UK heavyweight Dillian Whyte was in fine voice today and we just couldn’t help share this rather light-hearted, on the comical side, analogy that he came up with for his fellow UK heavyweight Dereck Chisora.


Many will remember Dillian’s fight with Anthony Joshua last December where although he was eventually knocked out, he gave Britain’s highly touted star all he could handle in round 2 of their clash.

Whyte is currently recovering from injury at present with no definite fight lined up next, but gave an entertaining interview with James Helder of IFL TV today when he was talking about Joshua’s chances against Charles Martin this coming weekend, and the domestic heavyweight scene in the UK at the moment.

When he touched on this domestic scene and possible future opponent Dereck ‘Delboy’ Chisora’s chances in his next fight for the European title against Kubrat Pulvev, he gave this unique response:

“Chisora is like a bus, Chisora is like a number 59 bus. You jump on him and ride him to the West End and then you pay your £1.50 and jump off. You jump on him and ride him back from the West End to Brixton and pay your £1.50 again. That’s all he is. He’s a bus. Some days the bus ride is good and other day’s it’s a s*** ride, you’re stuck in traffic, there’s people stinking on the bus. That’s Chisora. That’s the best way I can describe him.”

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