Heavyweight Con Sheehan Speaks On What Khan Told Him Before Canelo Announcement

Recently I caught up with exciting Heavyweight prospect Con Sheehan. See what he has to say about the Visa troubles that are hindering his fight plans, working with Virgil Hunter, training with Andre Ward, Amir Khan and Andre Berto, the story of when Amir Khan told him about the Canelo fight, his prediction for Joshua/Martin plus much more.


Have you got any news on when we will see you back in action, any opponent lined up?

“No news on a opponent yet or fight date because the P1 visa is taking quiet a bit longer than we expected. That has to be granted first before any fights are lined up hopefully wont be much longer, I’m itching to get going. I was using a holiday visa but Virgil doesn’t want me there for just 3 months so he asked me to stay full time so we need to do this.”

How have you found the transition from Amateur Boxing to Pro Boxing?

“I wouldn’t say its been hard, more of a shock because I was so stuck in my ways. Doing the same routines year in year out so when you start getting told don’t try do it like this, not like that, its takes some time. I’m picking it up very fast, there are other things I’m still working on.”

Con Sheehan Speaks On What Khan

What has it been like working with Virgil Hunter?

“Working with Virgil is a pleasure. He showed me some of the most simple and obvious stuff within the first month of working with him. I was shocked he has probably forgotten more about boxing than most people ever know about boxing. He gets things across so clearly. He really is an unbelievable trainer and a great man to we get on with. He gives me advice on all walks of life not just boxing.”

Training in the same gym as Ward, Berto and Khan must give you great drive, how has training with those fighters helped you progress?

“Of course, these are some of the top names in boxing, guys I watched on TV for years so to be in the gym mixing with them is surreal. Each of them help in anyway they can. There is no ego they are just normal guys who want to see their gym mates do well.”

The Irish Heavyweight scene is really buzzing at the moment, you must be excited to be in the mix?

“Yeah its great to see a bit of life come back into the whole division, not just in Ireland. There is a few good domestic fights to be made. I’d love to fight for an Irish title soon as possible against whoever is there. I think I’d be more than capable already.”

What do you make of the rumours that Pro fighters could be allowed compete at Rio 2016, is that something that would interest you?

“There is a lot of talk about that, I think you can argue the good and bad side of it. People need to remember this is a 3 round contest and I believe the best Amateurs beat the best Pro’s over 3 rounds apart from a hand full of Pro’s. They have no business going to Rio, the risk and reward factor would be too big. It’s a step back for them.”

(Khan’s secret weapon for Canelo revealed via Fight Hype):

You train in the same gym as Amir Khan, what is your view on his massive fight coming up against Canelo Alvarez? Can he pull off the upset?

“I remember driving back from the gym with him the day before the fight was announced and he was on the phone to Al Haymon talking about it and then he asked me: ”Do you know who we are talking about?”. I said: ”Sounds like Canelo but couldn’t be”. He said: ”That was my first reaction.” He’s a mad man but when I sat and had a think about it, it’s a brilliant fight. Canelo has trouble with movers. If we see the best Khan he could be a nightmare for Canelo. If Canelo is on form and smothers Khan early he could be in for a hard night. It’s a good one.”

Now at 26 you have had a stellar Amateur career behind you like Britain’s Anthony Joshua. Would you like to be pushed as quickly as he has been fighting for a World title in his 16th fight, or are you happy to take your time?

“Absolutely. I think if a heavyweight is brought along right, by 15 fights or so you should be looking at a title. That doesn’t mean fighting every month – just the right fights at the right time. It’s definitely something I’d love to do, like I said before I don’t want to waste my time by going in against guys who fall over from nothing. That just sets a fighter up for a big fall when someone stays with you and starts taking over down the stretch. That’s not something you can react to by stopping guys in a round or someone nowhere near your own level.”

Could we get your prediction for the big World title fight between Joshua vs Martin?

“I haven’t seen enough of Martin to make a bet on it but from what I have seen I have to go with Joshua. Martin can punch and has a good work rate, things Joshua hasn’t seen much of yet in the Pro’s. So it’ll be interesting. I’ll stick with Joshua for this one.”

You are based in the States but can you see yourself having fight’s in Ireland and the UK as you progress, or are you focused on making it big in America first?

“Well I went to America because if you are serious and want to make a name in boxing your going to have to go to America at some stage. The UK is the scene for Heavyweight Boxing. I’d love to fight in Ireland and UK as soon as possible but which ever is the right move I’ll take.”

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