Joshua: I’m Not Going To Dance Around, Will Try To Take Martin’s Head Off

Today saw the final press conference take place in London ahead of the IBF heavyweight title showdown between Charles Martin and Anthony Joshua on Saturday.


Both men seemed quietly confident and assured at today’s final press conference, with a feeling of respect between one another prevalent throughout today’s proceedings.

Tomorrow’s weigh-in will reveal the condition of both men and will be important if the fight is to go into the second half of the bout particularly, from a stamina perspective for these two big heavyweights.

Challenger Joshua (15-0-15KO) when questioned about emotions potentially getting the better of him potentially said:

“Probably not, I’ll probably go out there and try to take his head off. Come on I’m a fighter man. I’m not going to go in there to dance around and try to evade punches, I’m going to walk through two to give him five. That’s just how it goes. I’m coming for him.”

He added:

“But if I have to show some technical ability as well to defeat Charles Martin I’ll do that, that’s what I said. I’m here to box but at the same time I know I wan’t this, so I’m ready to swim through deep waters to get this.”

The hometown Londoner continued:

“It most definitely is a risk. But at the same time lets scrap all this 15 fight, 16 fight nonsense and who’s champ. This is just me and Charles going toe to toe and the best man will come out on top.”

In terms of what to expect on Saturday Joshua concluded:

“When 18 stone hits you people just want to see blood, someone just get chopped down like a tree until someone can’t take no more. And that’s why you have to tune in Saturday because that’s what you are going to see.”

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