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Mayweather Criticizes Modern Day Fighters Work Ethic

There’s no denying Floyd Mayweather’s work ethic. The man trained probably as hard as anyone during his professional career. But he doesn’t believe modern day fighters are doing the same, nor willing to sacrifice to get where they want to be.


Mayweather’s always struck me as a boxer and a businessman, a guy who understands what sells and the like, but behind that materialistic exterior, appears to sit a man who is thankful for the fortunes he has received in life.

Many forget that Mayweather’s pay per view superstar status and record breaking monetary gains in professional sport didn’t happen over night.

For the first half of his career, he was largely in the shadows of Oscar De La Hoya when both were signed to Top Rank at the time, with the ‘Golden Boy’ been the bigger attraction back then.

In an always candid interview with Ben Thompson of Fight Hype, Mayweather has spoken of his disdain for how modern day fighters are not willing to stay the course long-term to accumulate similar fame and wealth levels that he achieved:

“What’s crazy, a lot of fighters now who come over to Mayweather Promotions – we want a new car, we want a house, we want an apartment. They want everything but they don’t really wan’t to put in the work. I got to where I got to by putting in the work. Sacrificing a lot of things, left my mother in the hood until I was able to move her out of the hood and she didn’t have to work again.”

He added:

“But you have to sacrifice something to get something and that’s what these fighter’s don’t want to do. They don’t want to sacrifice nothing. I think when fighters get with Al (Haymon), we wan’t what Floyd got, we wan’t a private jet, we want Bugattis, we want mansions in New York, LA, Vegas, Miami. This took years and years of hard work.”

Mayweather certainly had a crazy work ethic in the gym back in the day with his mantra that became known as: “Hard work-dedication”.

We profiled his inhuman workout regiment here back when he was an active fighter.

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