As Anthony Joshua readies himself for the biggest fight of his professional career on Saturday night, universally recognized heavyweight champion of the world Tyson Fury seems to have gotten under his skin, a tad.


It is seldom you’d ever see Joshua bite verbally, or react to comments online from rival fighters or indeed any negative trolls.

He seems to be a man that tends to keep his composure and comes across as a very chilled character, not interested in the trash talking side of things for the most part.

But comments from fellow UK heavyweight Tyson Fury have stirred up a pot between the two on Twitter:

Joshua Reacts To Tyson Fury's

A potential fight between the boxers appears to be building nicely, with a ready made story line of good cop vs bad cop likely to translate into a British boxing pay per view explosion.

But first Joshua has his hands full this weekend and must keep his focus on the job at hand.

He competes for the IBF heavyweight championship of the world on Saturday when he steps in the ring with champion Charles Martin at London’s O2 Arena.

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