In their second fight, after initially fighting in Prizefighter tonight’s action between Tom Doran and Luke Keeler didn’t take long to get started, in possibly one of the best rounds of the year in round 1 – before a brutal end came in round 2.


Both middleweights jostled for position early on in the opening seconds of the first round, but then all hell broke loose after Keeler appeared to stun Doran with a right hand which he followed up with a flurry that then floored Doran.

He then moved in for the finish but amazingly, Doran came firing back and dropped his Irish counterpart in a genuinely incredible round.

Keeler survived until the end of the opening round but Doran smelt blood as round 2 commenced and proceeded to stop Keeler (below) in emphatic fashion.

Perhaps one of the most entertaining couple of rounds in recent memory. Here’s the explosive finish from Doran:

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