St Patrick’s Day Boxing History Special, Tribute To The Fighting Irish

Today is the day Irish people all around the world celebrate their proud heritage and from a boxing context, there’s been quite a few legendary pugilists Ireland has produced down through the years.


Ireland has long been a country associated with fighting and combat, from it’s origins as an island to it’s legendary warriors churned out – time and time again.

When you fast forward to 2016, perhaps the biggest name in Irish fighting is now UFC ace Conor McGregor, but boxing has always been Ireland’s premier sport for developing top level fighters historically, both amateur and professional.

For people not from Ireland, many do not realize that boxing is easily the country’s most successful sport at amateur level in the Olympics, when comparing medal counts across the various sports that Ireland competes in every four years.

Despite this stunning success, the stark reality is that professional boxing in Ireland still does not garner the main stream media coverage it truly deserves.

However, the tide is turning and with excellent fighters both preparing for the 2016 Rio Olympics at amateur level, and indeed a hoard of professional Irish boxing talent applying their trades across the globe, the future is indeed bright for Irish boxing.

On that note, we came across this excellent tribute video to some of Ireland’s best ever boxers by the folks at BoloPunchProductions. We hope you enjoy (and a very happy St Patrick’s day to all our Irish readers across the globe):

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