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Amir Khan is in bullishly confident mood ahead of the fight of his life in May when he challenges Canelo Alvarez for the WBC middleweight title.


He’s been packing on the weight as of late ahead of his move up to middleweight and most critics and pundits seem to be writing him off, along with bookmakers across the globe.

However, speaking to Sky Sports this week, Khan has compared the challenge he faces to a legendary fight of the past:

“I know it can happen, because we’ve seen it happen in the past, when Sugar Ray Leonard took on Marvin Hagler. He was in a very similar position to me, where people were saying he was going to get beaten up, get knocked out and get hurt. He was going up two divisions and he went in there and beat Marvin Hagler.”

The fight between Sugar Ray and Hagler back in 1987 saw Leonard step up to middleweight to beat Hagler for the WBC and Ring Magazine middleweight titles at the time.

It was a real classic, no doubt about, still fondly watched by boxing fans around the world to this day. On that note, here’s a quick look back at their thrilling contest – and we’ll let you decide if Amir has a point or not:

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