Paul Williams Returns To Boxing As A Coach

The former champion will begin his career as a trainer later this month.


Many will remember former welterweight champion Paul Williams fondly for his entertaining fights in the ring, and also how he was so avoided as a fighter by a lot of the big guns during his active boxing career.

The former world champion had his career tragically cut short after a motorcycle accident left him paralyzed from the waist down in 2012.

A return of the caliber of a boxing man like Williams to the sweet science circuit as a coach can only be a good thing, with the former champion saying this week:

“I’m scared all over again, like this is my first fight.”

Williams will hook up with super-welterweight Justin DeLoach as his first fighter, who will take on Dillian Cook at 154lbs later this month on March 25th live on Showtime.

For those that didn’t have the pleasure of watching The Punisher’s fun-filled career, here’s his greatest hits via HBO:

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