Carl Frampton Beats Quigg Over 12 Rounds In Manchester

It was a fight British and Irish boxing fans had desperately craved for, for over four years at least.


Carl Frampton Beats Quigg After Years Of Rivalry

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg were welcomed to the ring by a chorus of passionate fight fans at the Manchester Arena, a palpable buzz reverberated around the world of boxing as they stepped between the ropes.

The bout itself however was perhaps more tentative then most would have expected for the most part, overall, until towards the end when it really got going.

The sounding of the first bell saw Frampton take the center of the ring behind the jab. The first round was a very cagey affair in truth, with very little landed by either man. An early scouting mission by both protagonists.

Frampton looked the slightly more relaxed of the two and started to establish the jab in the second, perhaps edging the second round through work rate on the front foot.

The third saw more of the same in another cautious three minutes, perhaps again slightly favouring Frampton for the more positive work, who was at least trying to make things happen.

The 4th saw Quigg land one right hand but again, not a whole lot really happened in the round, again with Frampton pressing the action but most of both men’s punches were either out of range or blocked.

Round five was another less than compelling round action wise, with Frampton looking like he was controlling the pace of the fight, perhaps winning the round for that reason.

Quigg started moving forward a bit more in the sixth round, widening his stance a bit, although Frampton responded by upping the pace a bit and tried to put punches together.

Round seven finally saw a bit of aggression from Quigg, with Frampton responding in spurts too. The fight came to life (a tad) towards the end of the round, bringing some roars from the crowd.

Although nothing significant or clean landed bar a decent body shot from Frampton, it showed the first time in the fight where both men were willing to take (some) chances.

Quigg increased his punch output in round eight but Frampton ended it with a flurry, which might have just tipped the round to the Belfast man.

The 9th brought about more urgency in the work of Quigg after been told by by trainer Joe Gallagher that he was behind on points. He landed some decent left hooks, as Frampton looked slightly tired – more content to move and throw single shots.

The 10th round brought about the fight that many had expected before hand, with both men loading up on shots and standing toe to toe, planting their feet and pleasing the crowd. A tough round to score, but a very good one to watch.

The fight was now alive.

Quigg started round eleven fast but Frampton was there with him, standing his ground and coming back with his own full blooded shots. Both guys were ripping in shots to the body, digging deep.

Quigg landed a terrific right hand (probably the best punch of the fight by this point) on Frampton towards the end of the round, looking physically the stronger of the two it must be said – with one round to go.

Both men embraced as the bell rang for the beginning of round twelve. The two fought to the final bell in a difficult, scrappy round to score, and hugged each other once again once the final bell rang.

The final score cards read out: 115-113 (Quigg), 116-112 (Frampton) and 116-112 to the winner by split decision as Carl Frampton beats Quigg via points.

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