Watch: Bob Arum Paid A Lot Of Money To Squash A Beef For Mayweather

In a story that dates back originally to 2003, Hall of Fame Promoter Bob Arum has shed some light this week about a bit of bother Floyd Mayweather once found himself in, and how he helped him get out of it.


In the beginning of his professional career, Floyd Mayweather was promoted by Arum’s company Top Rank, in a time where he was known as ‘Pretty Boy’ long before the ‘Money’ mantra was ever adopted.

This story dates back to a time where Mayweather was also managed by someone else before Arum, a well known rap executive called James Prince.

According to reports this week on ESPN’s Highly Questionable TV show with Dan LeBatard and Bomani Jones, Arum said that Mayweather had approached him about having a fight put on in December as opposed to October in 2003, after a contract between Mayweather and Prince had ran out, and that Mayweather wanted Arum to pay James Prince a sum of money ($600,000) immediately for manager fees that he was owed.

Arum said he obliged after a rather crazy incident that involved a group of people turning up at the Top Rank gym one day with baseball bates, who proceeded to “crack some heads” of Mayweather’s people and left “blood splattered” all over the gym, according to Arum.

Here’s the full segment of the show where Arum goes into detail this week on this crazy story that happened 13 years ago back in 2003, along with some other compelling anecdotes (hat tip Few Chains YouTube channel for the upload):

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