Dave Allen Aware Of Richard Towers’s One Key Strength, Expects Fireworks Mar 26th

‘The White Rino’ knows Richard Towers quite well, and is relishing the challenge of fighting in a British title eliminator live on Sky Sports March 26th in Sheffield.


I caught up this week with one of the UK’s bright young heavyweight prospects, Dave ‘White’ Rhino Allen, who takes on long time friend and big hitting heavyweight Richard Towers on March 26th.

As our chat started out, Dave (23) told me that he knows Richard (36) very well outside of the ring:

“We’ve been friends for nearly 8 years, since I was kid. It’s a bit weird as I’ve always been a big fan of Richard, I never thought I’d actually box him.”

The fight will be somewhat of a local rivalry with both men living very close to one another, which promises to bring out the Sheffield fans Dave said:

“The should be a lot of local support for both of us. So far it looks like the best fight of the night, the most competitive.”

Talking about some of Towers’ strengths, Dave noted that the power of Richard is something that he will need to be cognizant of during the fight:

“He’s very awkward, he’s very big, but his main asset is his power, he’s one of the most powerful men I’ve ever sparred so I’ll need to be weary of it.”

He went on to mention how the two are very different fighters, but that clash of styles will create fireworks – coupled with the big opportunity on the line for both men:

“We’re very different fighters, there’s nothing similar about us really. Anything can happen over 10 rounds. I’ve never been in 100% physical condition for a fight, I’m the first to admit I’ve messed about in the past because I was young. But I’ll be 100% ready for this because I don’t want to lose to a guy down the road. Also the winner is going to get a big opportunity, whether it’s the Joshua fight, but it certainly looks like a British title fight (whoever is holding the belt at the time).”

As our cross-channel phone chat continued, Dave told me how confidently he would feel if he ever got the opportunity to step into the ring with rising UK star Anthony Joshua, but that he must first get past a stern test in Towers:

“Everyone wants to fight Anthony because the money is there and everything else. I’ve sparred Anthony for the past five years and I think I’ve got the beating of him. He’s already a star in the UK now but if there was one other fight that I wanted, it was with Richard. I know if I beat a good fighter like Richard I’ll have earned my shot at the British title.”

Allen (8-0-1, 5KO) was due to have a fight coming up in February, but a decision was made to pull the fight with the news of the Richard Towers fight coming off, to avoid any injury before the March showdown.

(One of Dave’s KO wins last year, hat tip to Baylor Boxing Channel for the upload):

As a result, Dave believes he’ll genuinely be in career best shape for this fight with Richard Towers:

“I’m already pretty fit already and I’m already in a better position than I have been before most of my fights.”

Speaking on how things might play out on the night, Dave was keen to emphasize that one punch might end it all, and the two men’s familiarity with one another could create a real spectacle for fight fans:

“The fight with Richard I honestly think is going to be very very exciting, as we can both punch really hard. One punch can end the fight from either of us. It’s weird because we all know each other, he knows what I’m going to bring and I know what he’s going to bring. There’ll be no insults before hand, and the fight is good enough itself anyway where we don’t have to do any of that to build it.”

As our conversation drew to an end, Dave spoke to me about the great respect he had for Richard, and that whatever the outcome on the night is, the two men will shake hands afterwards:

“The man’s bought me dinner a few times so anytime someone does that I can’t knock them. In the fight and that we’ll try to take each other out, it’s just business, but afterwards win, lose or draw I’ll shake his hand. I think boxing fans just want to see a good fight, and this one will definitely be that.”

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