Frampton vs Quigg Winner Ordered To Fight Rigondeaux

If you are a fan of seeing the best fight the best, this will come as good news.


Recently Cuban super-bantamweight sensation Guillermo Rigondeaux was downgraded to WBA Champion ‘In Recess’ due to not defending his WBA strap within the necessary time frame, as per WBA rules.

However, good news for the Cuban could be just around the corner.

Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg will compete in a blockbuster 122lbs unification clash on February 27th, and according to Boxing Scene, the winner will then have to face Rigondeaux – with WBA Championship Committee Chairman, Gilberto Jesus Mendoza Jr. saying:

“Rigondeaux shall come out of recess and face the winner of the February 27 unification bout between WBA champion Scott Quigg and IBF champion Carl Frampton. The winner of said bout, or Quigg is the fight is ruled a draw, must fight Rigondeaux on or before July 27, 2016.”

Should the fight handlers not be able to come to an agreement, the fight negotiations would then have to go to purse bids.

This will come as great news for fight fans who have long wanted to see these unification big fights take place in the 122lbs division, and namely, see the other world champions face ‘Rigo’.

2016 appears to be the year where the big super-bantamweight fights will finally happen.

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