History Tells Us Odds Against David Haye Regaining The Heavyweight Title

Look back at some heavyweight champions in history, and it tells you a three and a half year layoff might make things difficult for David Haye to once again become heavyweight champion.


I’m pretty sure David Haye will make a successful winning comeback when he fights Mark De Mori on Jan 16th, however will the win lead to him winning a World title belt in the coming months or later this year? I can’t see it in all honesty, and a look back at previous attempts by ex-champions doesn’t bode well for him.

By the time Haye gets in the ring to face De Mori he will have been inactive for 3 years and 6 months. Okay, I can hear you saying what about George Foreman who was out of the ring for 10 years and regained a couple of portions of the “World” title?

That was after beating about 23 “patsies” over a 3 year period and then getting three chances at the title, I doubt if David will get those type of opportunities, that were afforded to Foreman.

Over 100 years ago James J. Jeffries who had retired as undefeated champion after easily defeating Jack Munroe in 1904, came out of retirement to challenge Jack Johnson for his old title.

The mighty Jeff had been inactive for 5 years and 11 months but got a straight crack at the title. Needless to say, ‘Big Jeff’ was totally outclassed and was battered to defeat in the 15th round.

The giant Jess Willard who had been almost torn apart by Jack Dempsey when losing his crown in 1919, also attempted a comeback after almost 4 years (in 1923).

Like David is expected to do, Jess won his first fight back, but 2 months later was blasted out by Luis Angel Firpo in 8 rounds. Willard drifted back into retirement and stayed there.

The great Dempsey himself after knocking out the same Luis Angel Firpo in 2 rounds went into semi-retirement and except for boxing a few exhibition bouts, did not have a another serious contest for 3 years which came against Gene Tunney – who totally outboxed him over 10 rounds (taking Jack’s title).

Furthermore, arguably the greatest heavyweight of all time Joe Louis having retired for 2 years and 3 months, took on the superb Ezzard Charles for his old title. Alas, the ‘Brown Bomber’ took a savage drubbing over 15 rounds and lost by a wide margin.

Finally, super great Muhammad Ali after knocking out Zora Folley in a title defense in 1967 did not fight again until 1970 when he went against power hitter Jerry Quarry and stopped him in 3 rounds.

Ali had been inactive for over 3 years. It was to be another 4 years before he regained the title before by knocking out George Foreman in Zaire.

That was a very brief summary of the history of some ex-champs coming back from lengthy lay offs with only Foreman and Ali being successful, but I just cannot honestly see David joining them.

However I can see him turning De Mori over in about 6 rounds. Time will tell what will happen after that.

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