Mayweather Could Be Planning Big Move With Haymon And Schaefer In 2016

The Christmas holidays may be in full swing, but Floyd Mayweather has got his eyes firmly set on business for the new year.


Teaming up with former Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer could be on the agenda for the money man in the new year, who has always rated the former banker turned boxing promotional mastermind very highly.

Speaking in an interview this week with Ben Thompson of Fight Hype, Mayweather noted:

“I would love to do work with Richard Schaefer. Sometimes in life, you get certain chess pieces that you want and you know with certain chess pieces that you get, you’re not going to lose. If you got Mayweather and Haymon and Richard Schaefer, that’s a win-win situation with us three working together.”

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Floyd went on to add how he was surprised by Schaefer’s departure from Golden Boy Promotions in the past, and that himself and global power player in the sport Al Haymon, are already looking at promoting fighters to be as big as Mayweather if not bigger than him one day:

“I don’t really understand this when I sit back right here and just think. How can Richard Schaefer help Oscar make unbelievable money as far as investments and…I would never do a guy wrong like that. That’s not right. I’m very, very blessed and very, very thankful. I’m sitting very, very well. You know, me and Al sit down and we have unbelievable talks about different fighters that we’re trying to take to the next level to surpass Floyd Mayweather.”

Indeed it will also be interesting to see if Mayweather permanently stays retired as an active fighter in 2016. We are currently running a poll on the topic, which seems to have people rather divided at the moment.

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