‘Vicious’ Victor Ortiz hasn’t fought since late last year, but he’s been putting in some rather hilarious media work lately on the red carpets (sorry Victor but this had to be shared).


We’re big fans of Victor’s boxing skills and fighting heart here at Boxing News and Views and are happy to see that he’ll be getting back in the ring this weekend as it happens, when he takes on Gilberto Leon in a 10 round fight in Texas.

But this recent chat he had with a female reporter from WMTV cracked us up a bit.

It appears his chat happened at a red carpet function where to be fair to him, he was probably after an alcoholic beverage, or two.

victor ortiz stretches the truth

He whole heartedly states that he is one of the top boxers of this era and was keen to point out that he is still: “one of the most feared and dangerous” guys out there in boxing.

More than anything perhaps it was the just way he said it, which brought about a chuckle with us, but hey, you can’t blame a guy for trying.

Check out ‘Vicious’ Victor’s self-praise:

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