Mayweather and Broner Public Fallout Continues

In a slightly cringe worthy public spat between Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner, Broner has hit back online to less than complimentary remarks from Mayweather recently.


Mayweather has recently publicly said some home truths to his one time protege and in his previous words, “baby bro” – as regards some of his opponent selection and other aspects of his fight career.

It seems that the relationship that was once so close has now taken a considerable nose dive.

Mayweather isn’t averse to falling out with close associates, friends, family members or employees over the years, it must be said.

He had a well documented beef with his father for many years, and has been known to not see eye to eye with many others close to him from celebrity friends like 50 Cent, to members of his team over the years.

This latest tiff however will come in the eyes of many as not been the fault of Mayweather, where many will point to him simply speaking the truth on aspects of the supremely talented (yet questionably motivated lately) Adrien Broner’s deteriorating boxing career.

Broner to his credit, has been rather diplomatic in his response, in a video he released on his personal YouTube channel:

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