Spike on Eubank Jr: He’s an Arrogant, Deluded A******e

The countdown is well and truly on for December 12th’s showdown between Ireland’s Gary ‘Spike’ O’Sullivan and England’s Chris Eubank Jr, and the Cork man is pulling no punches in the build-up.


I recently caught up with Spike ahead of the huge showdown for both men on Sky, but when I asked if him if he has made any changes in the gym to deal with Eubank Jr specifically, he simply replied:

 ”No we didn’t feel there was a need to.”

Spike has been written off by many pundits who think it’s a sure thing that Eubank will win. Carl Froch who now work’s with Sky Sports when asked what he thought of Spike for example, called the Cork man “a domestic level fighter.”

Spike and Froch have traded jibe’s
back and forth over Twitter and when I asked him about Froch, he didn’t hold back saying:

 ”I think he is so full of himself and I hurt his ego so badly by slagging him off about the interview he done with Floyd Mayweather that he was just saying that to get back at me.”

Eubank Jr is definitely a top level fighter and is a tough challenge for Spike O Sullivan, but the Leesider sees a big weakness in his rival’s armor:

 ”He is too easy to hit and he can’t afford that against me.”

Speaking with Gary you get a real sense of confidence from him, and by the sounds of it that December 12th is almost merely a formality for him:

 ”Eubank will be shocked by my speed and power and it will be man against boy in there and I will KO him.”

With a victory on December 12th, O’Sullivan would then be in line to face the winner of the Jacobs v Quillin bout Spike pointed out:

”Well I have to fight the winner of the Jacobs v Quillin as my fight with Eubank JR is a WBA eliminator.”

When I asked Spike if he had changed his sparring partners to mirror the style and size of Eubank Jr, not wanting to give too much away he simply replied:


Spike O’Sullivan and Chris Eubank are undeniably fierce rivals and have been trading insults for some time now, as my chat with Spike drew to an end he left me know he does respect Eubank’s record as a boxer, but he doesn’t have much time for as a man, and also had a closing message for Eubank:

 ”I think he is a good fighter but as a man he’s an arrogant deluded arsehole. It’s simple – I am going to beat you (Eubank).”

(Image credit: Balls.ie)

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