De La Hoya To Return To Boxing, But Not How You Might Think

The ‘Golden Boy’ has revealed he might be taking up a new role in boxing in the near future – as a trainer.


The Hall of Fame fighter and current standout promoter had a glittering career in the ring, but it now looks like he might be starting to get the itch to train fighters, and bring some new talent through via a more hands on approach.

Speaking in an interview with EsNews, the Golden Boy Promotions President mentioned that he has already been involved with a fighter who as it turns out, is his son Devon:

“So check it out. My boy, Devon De La Hoya, he’s in Vegas. Vargas is training him now, we’re going to work together and we’re going to train him. We’re going to create the second coming of the Golden Boy – you watch.”

By Vargas it appears De La Hoya meant legendary warrior Fernando Vargas.

Combine this with the experience De La Hoya has both in the ring as a fighter and outside of it as a business man and promoter, young Devon De La Hoya could perhaps not be better placed with a potential boxing career, and could be the latest in a long line of father-son and trainer-fighter partnerships in the sport.

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