Al Haymon Could Be On His Way To The UK

The new PBC boxing model was launched this year in the US bringing big fights back onto network TV for the first time in many years. It appears the entrepreneur behind it, Al Haymon, is now setting his sights on world domination.


Latest reports suggest Premier Boxing Champions head honcho Al Haymon and his investors backing the new enterprise could be coming to the United Kingdom in 2016, as reported by Chris McKenna of The Daily Star this weekend.

It suggests that Haymon and his consortium of business associates may look to go down the avenue of BT Sport in the UK as a potential broadcast partner.

This could definitely be a logical choice with both BT’s UFC and boxing coverage this year on it’s platform already – that goes out to viewers in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

So far Haymon’s new PBC venture in the US has drummed up decent ratings in 2015, but some are still wondering on the long-term viability of the model, which seems to be predicated on him making a return for his investors via advertising primarily, if he is to stick with showing boxing on ‘free TV’ predominately, without the aid of PPV revenue.

No doubt Haymon and his team have an excellent business plan in place and with recent small triumphs in the legal realm in the States against some big players in boxing, he could very well be taking over world boxing right in front of fight fans’ eyes.

So far in 2015 it must be said PBC has been (overall) a positive thing, with more and more professional fighters showcasing their skills to larger audiences.

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