Bob Arum Looking To Get Rigondeaux vs Lomachenko On

It’s a fight as good as any in boxing that could be made, undeniably.


A potential Guillermo Rigondeaux vs Vasyl Lomachenko was mooted earlier this year as been close to becoming a reality, but alas for one reason or another, it never came to fruition.

After a less than busy summer for the Cuban super bantamweight kingpin and the Ukranian WBO featherweight champion, talks appear to have continued with a view to making a potential skill’fest matchup for sometime in 2016.

Speaking to USA Today, Top Rank promoter and Lomachenko handler Bob Arum has said:

“I would die to do that fight, I was willing to go into my pocket to do it. The deal I offered was each fighter would get $500,000 and the winner would get $500,000. It’s not Rigondeaux, it’s his promoter Caribe. Todd (duBoef from Top Rank) talks to them every couple of weeks.

“I would love to do it next year and I think I have a spot for it. We would do it in Toronto on HBO or Monte Carlo and let HBO do an afternoon show. I would pay money to see that fight.”

This enthusiasm from the Hall of Fame promoter is certainly a positive development in what would be a fight that would see two of the world’s most successful amateur fighters ever and technically brilliant pugilists, do battle.

The fight would likely see Rigondeaux having to move up a weight with Lomachenko operating at 126lbs.

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