Refusing To Lay Down – David White Rhino Allen

Exciting UK heavyweight Dave ‘White Rhino’ Allen came through a tough points win last Saturday and has confirmed to us that his next fight is now set for Nov 28th.


Humble, hungry fighter

As I sat in Nandos with the Doncaster-based heavyweight before his latest outing, he seemed in a calm and almost jovial manner a few hours before his fight against Fabrice Aurieng (16-8-2).

Enjoying some time with newly appointed strength in conditioning Jack Sunderland and three more long time friends, I was sort of expecting a bit more of the moody White Rhino – especially as a last minute change in opponent (originally Adam Machaj for the central area title) and a big drop in fight purse money.

However, on a short walk to the Sheffield Arena with Dave and Jack Sunderland, Allen let me know:

“I’m just looking forward to having a fight.”

As we continued our walk to the arena, the atmosphere between Dave and his strength/conditioning coach was mainly humorous it must be said, with Dave commenting:

“Jack is more nervous than me, I literally have no nerves before this fight!”

He told me this before confidently putting in a light shadow boxing session.

Stepping up to the plate

Then, to the tune of Working 9 to 5 the ‘White Rhino’ entered the ring looking composed and switched on. He was followed in support by current WBA World Champion Jamie McDonnell, trainer and manager Stefy Bull and Jack Sunderland.

The bell for the first round rang and Dave Allen looked the more threatening fighter, however he was taking too many good shots off the well traveled Frenchman.

Having been told many times “I’ve got the best chin in British boxing” by the young heavyweight, I didn’t envisage it been a problem, and my thoughts were interrupted, as Dave put Aurieng to the canvas in the last 40 seconds of the 1st round.

The French man rose to his feet on 8 and managed to hold on until the bell. As rounds 2 and 3 came, it was into your typical national area heavyweight brawl, despite the foreign opposition.

The rounds could have gone either way, with both fighters landing cleanly at times. As round 4 kicked off, approximately a minute into the round we saw a different Dave Allen entirely.

I myself was very surprised to see the ‘White Rhino’ start to use his footwork and time his jab with effortlessness, and looked a real contender for the remainder of the round.

Post-fight analysis

Dave took fight in the end by a close decision. Jack Sunderland told me after the fight:

“It was good fight for Dave at this stage, he’s out again next month and we’ll be keeping him in great shape.”

Good to hear for many fans of Allen’s, as that will be his third outing this year. The young undefeated heavyweight seems to putting a good team together at this point, with close friend/strength and conditioning Jack Sunderland and longtime family friend, manger and trainer Stefy Bull behind him.

The shouts of ‘Pie Man’ (a cheeky former nickname given for previous physical conditions) seem a distant, distant memory.

One interesting fact about the unbeaten heavyweight also to note, is that he does not take a stool between rounds.

Strange I know, but upon asking Dave about this the man himself concluded:

“I would like to just go straight through. Just get the referee to let us go at it until one of us gets knocked out.”

Dave the ‘White Rhino’ Allen is out again at the Doncaster Dome on the 28th of November.

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