All Quiet On The Western Front – Frampton vs Quigg Looks Close

The boxing planets seem to be finally aligning for a Carl Frampton and Scott Quigg super-bantamweight collision 


Recent reports have suggested that a date in February 2016 looks to be likely for the pairing to finally meet and if experience is anything to go by, the lack of talk publicly emanating from the stakeholders involved in the fight is a very good omen indeed.

Traditionally in boxing, initial posturing from camps and demand from fans for a given fight usually permeates initially on Twitter, and with regards to this particular bout – that stage is well and truly gone.

The quieter side of the two camps in these negotiations (Frampton’s handlers) Cyclone Promotions, who are headed by legendary Irish boxer Barry McGuigan, have even expressed a little positive sentiment on the talks been “very positive” recently.

That’s a first from their side. Big tick in the box for this fighting looking likely.

The more vocal side of the negotiations Matchroom Sport run by head honcho Eddie Hearn, have oppositely toned down their thoughts on the fight in recent days, with Hearn clamming up on the subject for the most part, just giving away a rye smile and mentioning he’d be surprised if the fight didn’t go ahead at this stage.

Does he know something the boxing public doesn’t know? Of course he does.

One tweet from Carl Frampton’s wife re-tweed the other day by the IBF champion could have been a subtle hint as to what’s next:

Frampton vs Quigg Looks Close

A 50/50 fight on paper, it surely would be.

Watch this space on what could be an imminent announcement on the fight, sooner rather than later.

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