Andre Ward comes to the defense of Floyd Mayweather

One of the current pound for pound best fighters in the world, Andre Ward, has come to the defense of Floyd Mayweather following his final fight last weekend against Andre Berto.


In an interview with Ben from Fight Hype (below) current super-middleweight kingpin Andre Ward, has given props to another Andre (Berto) and also a certain Floyd Mayweather.

Amid a week full of negative publicity towards the Floyd Mayweather vs Andre Berto event, Ward was quick to dismiss such talk and came to the defense of his fellow fighters.

It was interesting in that it shows behind the scenes what other fighters really think of one another, and the deep respect that exists among boxers.

Sure, Floyd Mayweather comes in for criticism in different quarters of the media, but when a well spoken, respected and top of his game athlete like Andre Ward speaks out in defense of both Mayweather and his final fight – people can’t ever interpret these thoughts as being bias.

Ward has no reason to be as a fellow currently active fighter, to be fair.

In a very interesting interview with Fight Hype, Ward touches on last weekend’s fight, what Mayweather has achieved in his career and much more:

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