Mayweather Cruises To Points Win Over Berto To Go 49-0

Floyd Mayweather did what he always has done in the ‘final fight’ of his career, when he out boxed a terrifically in shape but alas, vastly over matched Andre Berto, at the MGM in Las Vegas.


It was never in doubt, and the fight played out just about how most of Mayweather’s fights have done in recent years.

Mayweather being the master of hitting and not getting hit that he is, exhibited this yet again with Andre Berto forced to hit air, clinch and struggle to make any impact on the pound for pound number one over the 12 rounds.

When “Money” decided to let his hands go, he was almost able to land as he pleased on Berto, with the Compubox figures after the fight showing as much in his favour (232-83 total punches landed).

There was even time for some trash talk and conversing with the crowd for Mayweather at times, who appeared to hurt his left hand during the contest and was happy to take things easy at certain points.

In truth, he did what he’s always done – and fought the fight on his terms.

There was one moment in the final round where Mayweather caught Berto with a beautiful uppercut that rocked the challenger, but Mayweather didn’t go for the finish, instead opting to box safely and take the points win.

The final scores read out 120-108, 118-110 and 117-111, in a fight where it was hard to give a single round to Andre Berto.

The real question will be will Mayweather box on and go for 50-0?

Although he firmly denied he will and stated that it was definitely his last fight afterwards, it’s hard to see him not having one more.

Is he the best of all time? No, not in my opinion anyway.

But he’s certainly up there, for both skill and achievement – despite what many of his detractors might say.

(Image credit: Ezra Shaw)

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