Mayweather holds interesting media talk ahead of Berto fight

The “Money” man is standing firm on not fighting passed Saturday in pursuit of breaking Rocky Marciano’s elusive 49-0 unbeaten record, says he’s been (incredibly) offered 9 figures to fight on, and believes Manny Pacquiao will be the best fighter in the sport once he leaves.


I found myself watching all of the Floyd Mayweather interviews from yesterday at the Mayweather vs Berto grand arrival/media sit down (shot by Ben from Fight Hype) and having watched them, I’m starting to slightly change my mind on whether or not Mayweather will continue on passed this weekend.

He seems concrete that this Saturday will be his final fight and although money has always been important to him, the fact he mentioned he’s been offered a crazy nine figures sum upfront to go for 50-0, makes me wonder is the legendary motivation of Mayweather, finally starting to wane a tad?

After all, he’s only human.

He’s given a lifetime to a sport (literally) and has made enough money to last him ten lifetimes over, maybe he’s looking forward to finally having a rest – for good.

He’s obviously had breaks from the sweet science in the past and made comebacks, but at this stage of his career as an older fighter, I think he’s shrewd enough to know he quite simply wouldn’t be able to do that – and get away with it again.

When questioned on ticket sales for his final fight apparently been very poor, he was quite coy, deflecting the question to his manager Leonard Ellerbe.

I just got the impression overall, that Mayweather could finally be ready to move on from boxing and if that really is the case, enjoy watching him one final time this weekend.

It might just be the last time we ever see him a lace up a pair of gloves in a professional boxing ring again.

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