Mayweather vs Berto Fight: Time, TV Info, Odds and Prediction

It’s been said that this Saturday will be the last time Floyd Mayweather steps foot into a boxing ring professionally. Here’s everything you need to know on the Mayweather vs Berto fight, as “Money” bids to go 49-0 and equal the great Rocky Marciano’s record.


Where, when and how to watch

Location: MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Date: Saturday, September 12th.

Fight time/TV info (when coverage starts from): 8pm East Coast, 5pm West Coast on Showtime PPV (USA) and coverage starts from 1am Sunday morning on BoxNation (UK/Ireland).


Like a lot of Mayweather’s fights, he comes into this as the favourite – but a particularly warm one this weekend.

The bookies certainly think he’ll be emerging victorious and equaling Marciano’s record, and two days out from the fight, here’s a snapshot of what the current outright betting odds are looking like with

Mayweather vs Berto Fight

There’s not much value to be had on backing Mayweather just to win the fight, but the method of victory market will certainly entice boxing punters this weekend:

mayweather vs berto fight


Like any Mayweather fight, it’s hard to pick against the pound for pound number one.

Having said that, if he has slacked off in training even one percent and gotten complacent in any shape or form at the final hurdle of his career, Andre Berto is definitely a man who carries enough power to make him pay.

The pre-fight talk ahead of this weekend has focused on things like whether Mayweather will fight on, the event not selling well and in general, being an underwhelming fight for the final night of Mayweather’s career.

Although many will agree with the latter, if anyone has earned the right to pick and choose his final fight, surely it’s Mayweather and despite what many say, his resume is chock a block with massive names in the sport.

Both men seem to be in top condition as expected for the fight and judging from their final face off, neither guy looked rattled and both appeared very focused (video credit – FightHub TV):

Form-book wise, Mayweather has the edge, obviously (being undefeated) but don’t let that put you off the fact the Andre Berto will be coming in with absolutely everything he’s got for this.

Which could very well play into Mayweather’s hands. Fight style wise, I can only see it playing out one way in reality.

Berto doesn’t posses enough technical boxing acumen or boxing IQ to equal Mayweather even remotely in a boxing match (not many do), so you’d have to think Berto will look to push the pace from the get go, and make Mayweather as uncomfortable as possible for as long as possible, and hope to land a big punch.

Everyone’s got a puncher’s chance, and so does Andre Berto. But that’s as far is it goes for me.

I just can’t see Berto having the overall fight game necessary to penetrate a technician like Mayweather’s razor tight defense, instinctive timing, and sixth sense like ability to know when to counter a fighter.

Same old story for me.

Official Prediction – Mayweather on points

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