Mayweather vs Berto All Access Episode 1

Even though the Mayweather vs Berto fight perhaps is not as compelling a final fight that most fight fans would have liked for Floyd Mayweather’s (alleged) last hurrah, the first installment of the build up show “All Access” is quite a good watch, to be fair.


Having watched the first Mayweather vs Berto All Access episode in full last night, I have to say it was a bit better than I initially expected it to be.

It touched on a variety of subjects including Mayweather’s final fight thoughts and on things like;

Whether or not he will miss the sport, Andre Berto’s contrasting humble personality and hooking up with Virgil Hunter in recent years to re-energise and re-polish him as a fighter, Mayweather’s growing closeness to his children, along with other interesting segments like one of Mayweather’s security staff begging Mayweather to let him get in the ring to spar with a boxer at one point (we’ll let you watch how he got on below!).

Although the fight is perhaps not the most compelling that are out there this year in the sport, no expense was sparred in the high quality production of this episode, that’s for sure.

Will it be Mayweather’s final fight this September? I’m not convinced it will be, but time will tell.

Here’s the full episode 1 of “All Access”, courtesy of the folks from Showtime Sports:

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