Video: Shane Mosley Knocks Out Mayorga With Perfect Body Shot

In a fight that was perhaps more widely discussed for it’s less than tasteful outside the ring promotional activities than it’s actual credibility as a contest, Shane Mosley left no doubt as to who was the better boxer.


The fight was a rematch from their first encounter back in 2008, but bared little resemblance on Ricardo Mayorga’s part who looked in poor condition for last night’s fight, it must be said.

He also looked quite slow off the mark from the start, and Shane Mosley was able to establish his superior boxing skills and indeed conditioning as the fight progressed, breaking Mayorga down round by round.

The telling blow in the contest came in the sixth, when in a clinch exchange between the two fighters, Mosley unleashed a perfectly placed hook to the solar plexus of Ricardo Mayorga – who had no hope of surviving.

The fight will probably be best remembered for the crazy antics that went on in the build up, that saw everything from cigarette smoke been blown in faces – to girlfriend’s asses getting slapped at press conferences.

It’s hard to say where Mayorga will go from here, but one would imagine 43 year old Mosley will fight on and look to secure one more marquee match up, at least.

Here’s the moment “Sugar” Shane closed the show last night:

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(Video credit: YouTube)

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