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Roger Mayweather health sadly deteriorating

In an interview with the folks at Fight Hype recently, Floyd Mayweather revealed the real reasons behind why he wants to retire after his 49th fight against Andre Berto September 12th.


In a very candid interview, he spoke of how his uncle and long time trainer (now co-trainer) Roger “The Black Mamba” Mayweather’s health had sadly seen a decline in recent years, and on that particular day when the interview was shot recently, how Roger had actually gone missing from the gym all together with many members of Mayweather’s crew out looking for him.

Having had the honour to meet, sit down and have a good chat with Roger a few years back at the Mayweather gym, I have to say the news personally saddened me.

The day we met him he was in typical Roger form, giving me one of his famous boxing quiz’s to which I got off to an awful start, getting the first two questions wrong, only to redeem myself by getting the last two right to go 2/4.

I’ll never forget the compliment he paid me the next day when my friend went back to the gym and said to him regarding myself, “That boy knew his boxing”. Still the best compliment this Irish boxing writer has ever got to this day!

He showed me and my friend from Ireland who was there in the gym that day a lot of respect and even mentioned some Irish fighters like Steve Collins to us when talking about the history of the sport.

The media and fans do not always see this side of him and indeed his nephew and renowned world champion Floyd, but I just thought I’d take some time out this morning to cover this story, as in my view, he’s one of the most underestimated trainers of the past decade in boxing.

It’s interviews like the one below from Floyd Mayweather, that show you what he, and indeed his team and family are like outside the ring – away from all the hype and promotion.

It now appears that Roger (in his fifties), a former world champion in his own right, is sadly seeing the effects of taking too many shots in the ring, with Floyd almost having to trick him into receiving a Hall of Fame award recently at the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame awards in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas.

Here’s what Mayweather had to say and the full interview from Fight Hype:

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