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Carl Froch Soccer Am Chat Shows Cobra As Humble As Ever

We have mad respect for Carl Froch as a fighter here at Boxing News and Views, but sometimes you just can’t help but laugh at some of the stuff the guy comes out with.


I’m not sure is it intentional some of the time though, as you can almost see a glint in his eye and cheeky smile when he comes out with some of his well, fairly controversial statements, that certainly don’t have much humility in them.

We know that in this boxing business, fighters will always try to hype fights through trash talk to sell more tickets, pay per view sales and get their name out their more, but Mr. Froch is now a recently retired fighter, yet still churns out some woefully funny stuff.

This weekend on Soccer Am, he was in vintage form.

When asked by the presenters on his style of  boxing commentary and interview question technique, the “Cobra” had a defiant response, that you could tell was making everyone there a little bit uncomfortable.

A classic cringe interview from the former champion really.

Again, he’s one of the very best boxers Britain has ever produced (in my view), you only need to look at his resume and see the level of opposition he’s fought and beat (both home and away) to see that, but interviews like this won’t do him any favours.

You’ve got to see the lighter side of boxing sometimes though, and this is certainly a one liner to add to the funniest moments collection of good ol Froch.

Speaking on his expert opinion, Froch humbly stated on Soccer Am, “I know what I’m taking about”. We know you do Carl, you just don’t have to keep reminding us you do!

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