Video: Crazy Mosley vs Mayorga Confrontation

If you’ve followed the career of Ricardo Mayorga, you might have an idea of what’s about to come next.


Shane Mosley and Ricardo Mayorga will clash in the ring later this month in Inglewood, California, but things could have kicked off entirely yesterday when the two met face to face at a press conference.

Mayorga, a man known for baiting his opponents throughout the years, actually walked up to the multi-division world champion Mosley while smoking a cigarette, literally blowing smoke directly into Mosley’s face.

The result, well, not a happy “Sugar” Shane Mosley – who promptly slapped the cigarette out of Mayorga’s face and then received a firm push from the man from Nicaragua in return.

The genuine intensity and hatred between the two was there to see, in a clip where you can almost cut the tension with a knife.

A moment where two high level professional boxers could have very easily gotten into a street fight. Certainly one of the more crazy videos we’ve come across for quite some time.

Here’s the moment it all kicked off yesterday, as captured by the guys over at the Mayweather Boxing YouTube channel:

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