Video: Danny Garcia vs Paulie Malinaggi Full Fight

Danny Garcia stopped an aging Paulie Malinaggi inside 9 rounds at the Barclays Center in New York.


Although Paulie “Magic Man” Malinaggi was the hometown fighter and talked a good fight going into last night’s event, perhaps age just caught up with him in the end.

Garcia making his 147 lbs debut, methodically broke down his more experienced foe, with more of a boxing approach employed than perhaps was expected going into the bout.

His left hooks and straight right hands hurt Malinaggi at many times in the fight, who although returned fire where he could, simply didn’t have the necessary pop in his punches to keep the younger, more resilient Garcia off.

In the 9th round after been peppered with quality left hooks, the referee had seen enough and waved off proceedings after seeing a dejected Paulie Malinaggi – who had that look in his eye that he had enough.

Could it be the last time we see Paulie in the ring? Quite possibly, but only he’ll be able to make that call.

Options will be a plenty for the undefeated Garcia at welterweight, after a moderately impressive victory, where he essentially got the job done.

Here’s the full fight video:

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