Mauricio Herrera Wins NABF Super Lightweight Title

Herrera Wins NABF Super Lightweight Title

Herrera Wins NABF Super Lightweight Title

In what is supposed to be possibly the last sports match in the Los Angeles Sports Arena, fans, Herrera, and Lundy were shocked when the fight was suddenly stopped by the ref at five rounds.


The reason being that Mauricio Herrera had cuts on his face, which the doctor on site and the ref deemed to serious for the fight to continue.

Confusion and loud boos from the crowd erupted.

However, it was not a TKO. Instead, the winner of the fight went to the cards. The winner by majority technical decision being Mauricio Herrera. The fight was scored at 47-48, 47-48, and 48-48.

Suddenly, the boos were replaced with loud cheers. The look on Lundy’s face said it all: disgust and anger.

After walking out of the ring to meet with the press, Lundy told the press surrounding him that he had won:

“At the end of the day, I won the fight!” declared Lundy during the post-fight press conference.

Lundy theorized that Mauricio was expecting the fight to be a slugfest. “He wanted to edge me on like, ‘Come on and brawl!’” said Lundy, “That’s bullcrap!”.

When asked about feeling that something “shady” might’ve gone wrong with the scorecards, Lundy expressed that fighting in his opponent’s hometown could have been a disadvantage.

But, given the circumstances of how the fight went, would there be a rematch? Lundy doesn’t think so. “They’re gonna run and duck from me,” Lundy explained, “they’re gonna take that win and run.”

Lundy believes that the damage on Herrera is what will prevent Herrera from doing a rematch.

Herrera Wins NABF Super Lightweight Title

As for Herrera, his plans for the immediate don’t include a rematch. Instead, he wants to fight a big named fighter. In particular, Lucas Matthysse. “I wanna go forward and fight a bigger name.” said Herrera, “I feel like I deserve it”.

While Herrera wasn’t looking for a rematch in the immediate future, he still is open to it somewhere down the line.

He went on to add:

“He stung me in the first round and I kind of lost focus,” said Mauricio Herrera.

“I started finding my momentum as the rounds went on, but the issue with the cut really made the fight lose its rhythm. I can’t see how deep the cut is but I feel physically fine and could have kept going.

I am in good condition and was landing good body shots and was wearing him down.”

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