Laila Ali Inducted Into Women’s Boxing Hall Of Fame

Laila Ali Inducted Into Women's Boxing Hall Of Fame

Last weekend Muhammad Ali’s daughter and regarded by many as one of the best female fighters of all time, Laila Ali, got her just dues and recognition.


Laila was undefeated in her professional career, going 24-0 (with 21 knockouts) and winning four world titles – in multiple weight classes.

Ali was one of 8 female fighters who were inducted into the 2015 international Women’s Boxing Hall of Fame this year.

Laila will perhaps also be best remembered for been the daughter of the great Muhammad Ali of course, but her accomplishments within the female code of the game were considerable, and rightfully recognised on their own merits last weekend.

So much so, that towards the end of her career when she had built up a fierce reputation for her power and knockouts, that she really struggled to get good opponents to step into the ring with her, perhaps out of fear.

We occasionally cover women’s boxing here at Boxing News and Views, and will certainly be doing so more as our website grows, but felt compelled to give Laila a mention on this wonderful accomplishment – as one of the best female fighters to ever live.

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