Canelo Alvarez: The Young O.G.

Canelo Alvarez: The Young O.G.

September 14th, 2013. Floyd Mayweather vs. Canelo Alvarez. The fight has just ended and the two men are in the ring waiting for the scorecards to be read.


Floyd Mayweather walks over to Alvarez, respectfully grabs him by the head and says “You a good young champion.” He’s one hundred percent correct.Let’s break down the phrase for a moment.

Adjectives sometimes (ESPECIALLY in sports) lose their meaning overtime because of there frequent use. But for the sake of the article lets analyze two words in particular from the phrase, “Good” and “Young.” Good is defined by Merriam-Webster as “of a favorable character or tendency.” Young is described as “being in the first or an early stage of life, growth development.” Good and Young. I think these two words describe Canelo very well.

The attribute that is most impressive about Alvarez is his propensity to as Bernard Hopkins would say “Run to the fire.” Most fighters in the landscape of boxing claim to want to be the best and fight the best. In fact I would be more surprised if a fighter did not say these things. But in the case of Young Canelo these words are actually put into action.

Name an active fighter with a tougher last 5: Trout, Mayweather, Angulo, Lara & Kirkland. Some of the results of the fights can be considered questionable; the toughness of the level of competition cannot. Not to mention that he put up a more than respectable performance against all these opponents with the exception of Mayweather for obvious reasons.

The Kirkland fight was yet again another example of the rapidly improving Alvarez. He was hit about as clean and as frequently as I can remember in his career. His inside fighting and defense was also a bit porous. Yet and still he was able to stay calm in the face of serious danger and take his opponent out with a beautiful series of actions; a touch jab to the body and a right hand over the top.

Even though he’s only 24 years old it’s veteran moments like this that make Canelo Alvarez the Young O.G.

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