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Roger Mayweather Says Floyd Will Knock Manny Out In 5

Published On April 25, 2015 | By Niall Doran | Boxing News

Roger Mayweather Says Floyd Will Knock Manny Out In 5

roger mayweather says floyd will knock manny out in 5

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You gotta love Roger Mayweather, he never holds back and always gives his honest opinion.


In an interview with, Roger Mayweather was in typical candid form and gave his analysis and prediction on how he thinks his nephew will fair against Manny Pacquiao in next weekend’s super fight.

This interview seems like one of the most genuine I’ve come across from the Mayweather camp in recent weeks.

Roger does credit Pacquiao as being “tough” and even by his tone of voice and body language, you can gather there is a level of respect for Pacquiao, but there’s no denying the almost unbreakable confidence he has in his nephew to get the job done in emphatic fashion.

In my opinion, Roger’s one of the most underestimated trainers in boxing and without doubt over the last twenty years has been one of the best in the business, in my opinion.

His knowledge of the sport is border line encyclopaedic, both technically and historically.

He puts together a reasonable explanation in some of his points in the interview, all be it a knockout win within five rounds for his nephew might be a tad optimistic.

Then again though, stranger things have happened. Here’s what the ‘Black Mamba’ had to say.

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