As far as boxing commercials go this new Canelo vs Chavez commercial could be as bang on the money as any.

This Canelo vs Chavez commercial certainly works from a timing perspective. Amid all the political and outside of sport things going on in the world today.

Boxing as a sport represents purity in many ways during a crazy time at the moment for the human race around the world.

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A period of global uncertainty.

Canelo and Chavez will get it on May 6th on Cinco De Mayo weekend in Vegas. This new Canelo vs Chavez commercial shows them breaking down a mythical border wall on their way there:

(Hat tip GP YouTube)

Cheesy? Maybe a little. High quality? Definitely. Likely to cause some controversy and stir the pot a bit? Check.

I like the way someone from the boxing world is tapping into larger issues outside of the sport though. At a time where it has relevance to do so.

This is the type of promotion and attention seeking for boxing that grabs the interest of those who might not normally watch a combat sports event.

As for the fight, not long to go now.

Both men look in crazy condition ahead of a fight for the right to call themselves the best modern Mexican boxer in the world.

Fists will be flying with a controlled rage in this one. Bring it on.