Ben Day Boxing With Spring In His Step Ahead Of York Hall

ben day boxing


By Niall Doran

We caught up with the likable light welterweight ahead of his latest fight this weekend at York Hall where the 36 year old Londoner will be looking to improve on his 6-0-1 (1KO) record to date.

How are preparations going for your fight and how do you find juggling the training and working together?

“It’s going really well, have had the best sparring possible with Johnny Coyle and Mitchell Smith. I have a leg injury so I can’t run so I’m swimming – I’m shit lol but it’s good for cardio. As for my business, I own a boxing gym in central London – Ringtone Boxing Gym – I just can’t stop, I try but it pulls me back in (I love it too!).”

Since joining up with Alec Wilkey, what improvements do you feel that The Lansbury ABC coach has brought to your game so far?

“I couldn’t be more happier with the fighter I’ve become and I owe this all to Alec. He’s making me technically better yet letting me be myself as he knows my awkward style can be an attribute, he just calls out “freestyle” – that proves he’s a good trainer. Alec is training a few clients at my gym as there’s a couple fighters that would benefit from his knowledge. He’s good for the gym and knowing that he’s my trainer, there’s a buzz in the air.”  

Without having an amateur background, has this been a help or a hindrance when first becoming a professional boxer?

“I’m learning on the job. People say to me after my fight, ‘Why didn’t u do this or do that?’ I’m like, ‘give me a bloody break!’ Fighters have at least 20 amateur fights before they turn pro; I’ve had none. It’s still a little strange for me in there. I suppose the good thing is that I haven’t been battered like many fighters, they have a lot of miles on the clock, I’m fresh. No one has done this before so no one will understand – when I do what I do in the gym, in the ring – everyone is in trouble! It’s coming.” 

If you were to pick just the one, what do you feel is your best strength as a fighter?

“It’s all about knowing when to use it and knowing when not too, I’m the most awkward fighter in the game, I don’t even know what I’m going to do – it just happens.” 

From a promotional point of view since signing with Goodwin Promotions, how have you found them to work with so far?

“I’m very, very happy – I made the right decision – that is the wisdom in me.” 

How do you rate your opponent this weekend?

“I know nothing about my opponent and I don’t really care, that’s not being cocky, it’s being in a good mental state in my life. Has he had the level of sparring or been through what I have in life? I doubt it.”

Without looking past March 7th, what are your ambitions for the rest of the year in and outside of the ring?

“This title will mean the world to me and is a stepping stone towards the British Title which is my ultimate goal. Outside the ring, I want to continue building up and perfecting my business, Ringtone Boxing Gym and start seminars on motivational speaking.”

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