People Still Can’t Believe US Boxer Curtis Harper Walked Out Of The Ring

US Boxer Curtis Harper

This past Friday night one of the more bizarre events of the year in the sport happened when US boxer Curtis Harper decided all of a sudden to literally walk out of the ring. Before the fight even started.

Boxing is one of those sports where you think you’ve seen it all over the years in terms of strange things at press conferences happening and in even fights.

But boxing as a sport just always seems to churn out new material. Without fail.

This past Friday night in Minneapolis in a heavyweight bout shown as part of a Premier Boxing Champions event on Fox, Curtis Harper stunned fight fans with this:

Truly incredible scenes.

It is understood that Harper was fined for this afterwards.

Fight fans are still in disbelief, mind you.

A plethora of memes and videos have flooded the internet this weekend:

I can recall a certain Polish heavyweight refusing to fight many years back, mid fight.

But the above just seems totally out-of-place for it to happen right before the very first bell.