Terence Crawford yet again showed why he’s one of the best fighters in the world last weekend.

A tremendous display and stoppage over Shawn Porter who gave him a very good fight.

This uppercut here perhaps one of the best punches of the fight:

(Hat tip Top Rank YouTube)

What a punch.

How he set it up too poetry in motion.

On the front foot methodically.


Catching the Porter jab.

Then feinting with his own jab.

Feinting with the right hook.

Enough to draw Porter forward and out of his defensive mentality.

Charging forward with a wild looping right hand and left hook.

For Crawford then to casually step back.

In one single motion.

Off the back foot and deliver that kind of power in the uppercut.

Right on the button.


The fight was effectively over at the point and not long after that it was stopped.

Top notch operator Crawford.

Canelo Alvarez and him surely the two best boxers on the planet at the moment.


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